In a groundbreaking move, the Kenyan digital payment platform iPay has partnered with the global payments leader Visa to unveil Tap Ulipe, an advanced Tap-to-Phone digital payment solution. This strategic alliance aims to streamline the complexity of the merchant-customer electronic transactional terrain, introducing an era marked by convenience and efficiency.

The portable MobiGo 2 device integrates Tap Ulipe, comparable in size to modern smartphones. This integration offers a transformative approach to digital transactions, eliminating the need for traditional and often cumbersome POS machines, providing merchants with a streamlined, portable alternative.

Tap Ulipe exhibits distinctive adaptability: merchants can readily integrate this technology into the MobiGo 2 device, or they can download the Tap to Ulipe app from the Google Play store onto their NFC-enabled smartphones. This versatility ensures convenience and accessibility for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to accept contactless payments with seamless ease.

Philip Nyamwaya, iPay’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Thrilled about the opportunities Tap Ulipe brings to our valued merchant network. This innovative technology potentially unlocks previously untapped revenue from customer transactions and provides them with access to additional funds.”

Tap Ulipe distinguishes itself through its emphasis on simplicity and security, directing its focus toward ease of use and incorporating robust security measures. This approach aims not only to bolster sales for iPay’s merchants but also to make a significant stride in the realm of small business payments.

Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, the Country Manager of Visa Kenya, emphasized the strategic significance of Tap to Phone technology as a catalyst for growth in Kenyan small businesses. She articulated, “Through this innovative solution, Tap to Phone, it’s possible for businesses not only to offer their customers hassle-free and secure contactless payments but also to instill peace of mind, ultimately spurring repeat purchases.”

Beyond technology adoption, the collaboration takes an active role. Merchants expressing interest in integrating Tap Ulipe into their business operations can apply for this device on iPay’s website. Moreover, in a truly symbiotic relationship, they gain access to credit from finance partners of iPay and acquire short-term working capital. These provisions foster financial flexibility as they enthusiastically embrace the Tap to Phone device.