In a strategic initiative to bolster healthcare in Kenya, the Philips Foundation pledges its support for local social entrepreneurs. The foundation sets an ambitious goal: by 2030—elevating healthcare quality annually for 100 million individuals. With a pivot towards investment in homegrown health solutions; not only does the Foundation aim to assess enterprises’ technological and business facets—but also their potential for significant impact on the Kenyan healthcare system.

The foundation recently announced, showcasing its dedication to investing in social entrepreneurs and signaling a shift towards locally-driven innovation for an ecosystem-based approach to healthcare improvement. This strategic move follows the Foundation’s substantial progress in Sub-Saharan Africa; collaborations there have already yielded positive impacts on maternal care for 15 million people this year alone.

During a partner meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, the Philips Foundation underscored its commitment to support social entrepreneurs. The session delineated plans: strengthen alliances with these individuals; extend upon the foundation’s track record of providing technological aid for healthcare access and enhancing quality. It is worth highlighting that two deeply ingrained entities within Kenya’s healthcare systems—Access Afya and Penda Health—have benefited significantly from their active involvement with us at the Foundation.

With its innovative “clinic in a box” model, Access Afya ensures underserved areas receive fully-equipped medical facilities. Meanwhile, Penda Health leverages advanced technology and data analytics to focus on personalized healthcare experiences. These ventures underscore the Foundation’s belief that passion and entrepreneurship have transformative power in shaping the future of healthcare.

Muthoni Ntonjira, the General Manager for Philips Kenya, underscored how Philips technology has magnified the Foundation’s influence in recent years. The Foundation charts a new course as an instigator of healthcare innovations; it bolsters social entrepreneurs who aim to enhance affordable and quality healthcare delivery within our nation – a truly promising trajectory.

Since the launch of Philips Foundation Impact Investments in 2021, successful collaborations with social entrepreneurs in Kenya have inspired a partnership meeting. Margot Cooijmans, Director of the Philips Foundation, underscored that their partners’ every success story attests not only to technological investments but also to investments in hope, determination, and the entrepreneurial spirit propelling societal enhancement.

The Philips Foundation envisions developing a collaborative healthcare ecosystem among its supported enterprises, thereby amplifying their collective impact. The foundation’s commitment to swift diagnosis and health condition management using cutting-edge technologies is further demonstrated through partnerships with organizations like the NCD Alliance and the Ministry of Health Kenya.