NCBA Group strategically strengthens its presence and addresses the financial needs of the local population by inaugurating a new branch in Ruaka. Situated within Elizaphan Plaza in Kiambu County, Central Kenya, this marks NCBA’s fourth branch in Kiambu, aligning with their ambitious plan to open ten branches this year.

The decision to expand into Ruaka is driven by NCBA’s commitment to supporting both the residents and businesses in the area. The bank perceives the development, and even prosperity, of a county as integral to its own success. In doing so, NCBA emphasizes a symbiotic relationship: community well-being influences financial institutions, just as they significantly impact local economies.

Tirus Mwithiga, the Director of Retail Banking at NCBA Group, emphatically declares the bank’s commitment to three core values: financial inclusion, economic growth, and community prosperity. “We firmly believe in fostering not just a sense of belonging but also supporting the expansion of local economies,” he said. “Our dedication, our unwavering adherence to these principles, propels us forward; it’s what has ultimately guided our decision to extend our presence into Ruaka Town.”

Mwithiga remarked, “As one of our youngest branches, we’ve garnered a truly fantastic positive reception from the community.”

Acknowledging Ruaka’s rapid growth as a hub for investments and development is Louisa Wandabwa, the Director of Strategy at NCBA. “In the recent past, Ruaka has emerged as one of the fastest-growing satellite towns in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, making it a major center for real estate investment and development,” she noted. “We opened a branch here to provide residents with access to tailored financial services designed specifically for their needs.”

Following swiftly from the July opening of another branch in Kiambu County’s Kahawa Sukari area, NCBA pursues a multifaceted strategy: aggressive expansion coupled with a deposit mobilization campaign. The objective, rewarding cash prizes to both existing and new customers, adds further incentive for bank engagement.