At the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, the recently held 8th edition of the Africa Digital Economy Awards (ADEA) spotlighted Nairobi County. Themed “Celebrating Digital Excellence,” this event provided a platform for key figures from technology, banking, Fintech, and public sectors to converge; they shaped discourse on digitization. It also allowed leaders to forge partnerships, exchange insights regarding industry trends – discussing business strategies, policies, and best practices in doing so was not just encouraged but essential.

Nairobi County, under the leadership of H.E Governor Sakaja and the Nairobi City County Government, accepted accolades through Victor Otieno. The latter serves as their Chief Officer for Digital Economy and Startups; indeed, they proudly bear recognition: being named as Public Digitization’s best county.

Aligning with the African Union’s (AU) outlined digital transformation strategy for Africa, The Africa Digital Economy Awards actively seek to drive growth in the continent’s burgeoning digital economy. This pursuit reflects a pervasive commitment across all corners of our vast landmass: an unyielding embrace of opportunities ushered in by this new era – The Age of Digitization.

Eliud O. Owalo, Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Digital Economy; Eng. – Principal Secretary at this ministry – graced the gala with their presence: other key dignitaries included John Kipchumba Tanui–County Director for e-learning; Elizabeth Ndungu from Nairobi County Staff representing the innovation and digital economy sector, not to forget public sector officials hailing from different African Governments. The occasion also attracted Chief Executive Officers who head technological companies throughout Africa.

Nairobi County’s achievement in Public Digitization celebrates: this underscores the pivotal role of digital excellence within Africa’s broader context—directly contributing to her technological advancement. By acknowledging Nairobi’s strides; we note that such recognitions not only foster a culture of innovation but also drive digital progress – elements crucial for the continent’s overall development.