Mastercard, a financial giant, and, an independent charity dedicated to enhancing education and employment opportunities for Kenyan and Ugandan youth, have strategically joined forces. Their collaborative efforts aim not only to provide young individuals with essential skills crucial for thriving in today’s rigorous job market but also to break the cycles of deprivation, especially significant in underprivileged regions where secondary education expenses often hinder talented students’ progress.

Education as a Catalyst for Change

Education serves as a catalyst for change, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to challenge existing norms. It instills critical thinking abilities, empowering them to question conventional wisdom, explore innovative solutions, and adapt in an ever-evolving world. Through its transformative power, education not only propels personal growth but also drives societal progress.

While Kenya and Uganda offer free primary education, the financial burden of secondary school fees and associated costs frequently dissuades students from slum areas. This predicament not only hampers their personal growth but also constrains potential contributions to both local communities and global society at large.

Disrupting the Cycle of Deprivation actively disrupts this cycle by collaborating with primary schools in economically challenged areas of Nairobi and Kampala. Additionally, it forms partnerships with secondary schools that consistently place students in reputable universities. sponsorships provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to pursue a brighter future.

Established in 2010, has supported over 500 students to continue their education. Impressively, all children excel at high-ranking secondary schools, with more than 90% securing direct admission into university, a testament to the efficacy and success achieved by

STEM Opportunities: Mastercard’s Unwavering Commitment

Recognizing’s dedication to identifying talented young individuals, especially those interested in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Mastercard has pledged $50,000 in support. Beyond the financial commitment, Mastercard and have collaborated on a specialized program, including internships, graduate initiatives, and practical skill training, all aimed at equipping students with real-world employment opportunities within Mastercard.

Shehryar Ali, the Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard, emphasized the expansive vision of this partnership. The goal is to establish a foundation of knowledge alongside 21st-century skills, equipping youth with essential networks, tools, and solutions to realize their potential and achieve career success.

“Our aim is to cultivate not only fundamental knowledge but also 21st-century aptitudes, empowering our youth with essential networks, tools, and solutions. These resources will enable them to actualize their potential and attain career success. By prioritizing the mantra of ‘doing well by doing good,’ we underscore a profound commitment: one that this alliance with epitomizes—towards forging an equitable and prosperous future for everyone.”

Fostering Equitable and Prosperous Futures

Mastercard’s and’s collaboration epitomizes a shared commitment to fostering equitable and prosperous futures for Kenya’s youth. By identifying and addressing education barriers and providing targeted support, the initiative aims to empower individual students and contribute simultaneously to community development on an overarching scale. The potential impact of corporate-social collaborations in creating positive change manifests itself through this partnership, an undeniable testament to their dedication to positive transformation.