Jubilee Health Insurance has taken a significant step forward with its innovative health telematics initiative, known as the ‘Do Anything For The Steps’ campaign. This one-year effort aims to not only benefit existing Jubilee health insurance customers but also extend its positive impact beyond them, reaching across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The core objective of Jubilee’s campaign is to empower individuals to actively manage their health—a goal achieved by seamlessly integrating practical physical activities into daily routines. The pervasive issue of time constraints, acknowledged due to recognition from the World Health Organization, which recommends that adults aged 18-64 should commit at least 150-300 minutes each week to exercise, hampers many from adopting an active lifestyle.

Juan Cazcarra, Chief Operating Officer of Jubilee Insurance Group, articulates the campaign’s strategy: demystifying physical activity and transforming it into a natural, even enjoyable, component of everyday life. The initiative offers a platform for individuals to identify consistent engagement in physical activities, making meeting the WHO’s recommended daily steps more attainable.

The campaign’s approach underscores its inclusivity. Non-Jubilee health customers can participate in the initiative by purchasing J-Care Medical Cover from our website, accompanied by a complimentary smartwatch to enhance engagement. Both existing and new enrollees must download the Maisha Fiti app, set daily targets, and join our wellness community as participants.

Consistently meeting their activity targets positions individuals to reap a benefit: up to 15% cashback on their health premiums. This incentive propels not just sustained physical activity—it also makes health insurance more accessible and affordable, combating the escalating wave of lifestyle-related illnesses.

Njeri Jomo, CEO of Jubilee Insurance Group, underscores the criticality of cultivating a vibrant community environment, recognized for its ability to inspire individuals and enhance overall well-being. The ‘Maisha Fiti’ community, a direct result of this campaign, facilitates participants in engaging competition with their families and peers, fostering camaraderie along with shared wellness goals.