This past weekend at The Edge Convention Centre in Nairobi, Guinness, the renowned brand celebrated for its unwavering passion for football, orchestrated an exhilarating football extravaganza—an enthralling matchday event for its fans.

Meticulously tailoring every detail exclusively for them, they crafted an extraordinary matchday experience that over 4,000 ardent football enthusiasts savored. The fans electrified the venue with their energy; three colossal mega screens, strategically positioned to ensure no moment of action went unnoticed by anyone present, surrounded these passionate supporters. Meticulous organization extended to comfortable seating arrangements, guaranteeing attendees unrivaled ease during each gripping match. The cool embrace of Guinness perfectly complemented an array of delectable snack options, fostering an ambiance that embodied the essence of football at the Guinness Matchday. Some of Kenya’s most fervent football supporters collaboratively shaped this event as a genuine ode to the fans.

G Money, also known as The Chairman and heading the Guinness Committee, along with Zuhum—an officer in charge of Matchday Optics—both worked tirelessly to position the fans’ voice at this next-level live football viewing experience’s epicenter. They transformed The Edge Convention Centre into a football haven: boasting multiple display screens, including three mega screens that facilitated a real-time immersive viewing encounter. Moreover, they enveloped attendees in an audio system akin to being present at a live stadium—this was no ordinary sound, but rather a multi-directional sonic atmosphere.

Carol Radull, the Director of Drinks Analysis, not only guaranteed that all fans enjoyed their perfectly-temperatured Guinness but also assumed a bartender’s role to infuse an intimate touch into the experience. Nana Owiti, Chief Snacks Officer, carefully selected ideal snack options for pairing with Guinness. Simultaneously, Soft-life Ambassador Eli Mwenda worked diligently to ensure fan comfort—providing dedicated group booths and comfortable seating—while equipping them with headphones. This allowed those interested to catch commentary from various games on distinct screens.

Henrietta Reed, the Marketing Manager at Guinness, underscored the brand’s profound dedication to football fandom. She emphasized their focus on crafting experiences that ignite unprecedented passion in fans for team support—a commitment aimed at taking spectating moments from ordinary to extraordinary.

This weekend, we crafted an epic matchday experience that encapsulates the love for football shared by Guinness and our fans. Football enthusiasts uniting in the meticulously designed space—a collaborative effort with our Guinness Matchday committee—to cheer their favorite teams is truly awe-inspiring. Last weekend saw some exquisite matchday moments from our devoted fans; moving forward, we remain steadfastly committed to delivering even higher standards of excellence. Ms. Reed encouraged: “Stay tuned for the exciting updates we have planned on our brand pages.”

Chief Vibes Officer Mukami Wambora and Chief Entertainment Officer Lotan Salapei curated an ultimate lineup of artists and DJs, including Bien Aime and Fena Gitu; they ensured fans remained in the groove with DJs CNG, Dream, Pskratch, Protege—not to mention Sir M. The post-match electric atmosphere persisted due to their efforts. To close out the weekend on a high note: Sauti Sol’s very own Bien delivered a charged performance featuring hit tracks from both his new album and the Kenyan boy band’s discography—culminating in a surprise appearance by Bensoul.