Glovo, the leading multi-category app in Kenya, has concluded its second Learning & Development Training exercise, a crucial step to bolster the entrepreneurial expertise of its partner shops and restaurants. This underscores a clear commitment to empowering over 2000 partners. The program, aimed at enhancing business performance, was delivered in collaboration with the Ongoza Institute, an accelerator for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Glovo, deeply rooted in its dedication to fostering entrepreneurship, has initiated an effort that extends beyond routine business transactions. The recent training is part of a quarterly series, strategically designed for continuous improvement based on participant feedback and insights. This approach ensures that Glovo’s partners receive ongoing support tailored to their evolving needs.

Sébastien Pellion, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Glovo, emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering a community of entrepreneurs ready for enduring positive change. He stated, “This initiative signals Glovo’s unyielding dedication; not only does it aim to excel in the market, but also, importantly, it strives towards leaving impactful and sustainable imprints on our served communities.”

Loreen Wanjiru, the Program Lead at Ongoza Institute, expressed gratitude for the partnership and highlighted Glovo’s significant support in guaranteeing business success for its partners. This collaboration enriches the training program with an additional layer of expertise.

These training sessions serve not only as a means to boost business proficiency but also aim to catalyze the formation of an entrepreneurial community within Glovo’s network—a vision that thrives. In its commitment to equipping partners with indispensable tools and knowledge, the company stands firm, acknowledging and continuously adapting to the dynamic landscape of on-demand services.

Glovo’s active pursuit of program enhancement, based on real-time feedback, underpins the initiative’s success through its iterative nature. This commitment manifests not only as a dedication to immediate partner success but also acknowledges the ever-evolving challenges within the on-demand services sector.

Glovo’s ongoing empowerment of Kenyan entrepreneurs is poised to transform local businesses and communities. The emphasis on sustainability and enduring change resonates with Glovo’s overarching vision for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. As other businesses seek to surpass conventional transactions and actively foster the growth and sustainability of local economies, this initiative stands as their beacon.