Francis Atwoli, the Secretary-General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU), has impressively secured his third term as President of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) in a momentous development. The union communicated this decision to place Atwoli at its helm for efforts to address multifaceted challenges that confront workers across Africa.

Anticipating that Atwoli’s seasoned leadership will propel the trade union movement forward and enhance working conditions for millions of African workers, COTU expressed unwavering confidence in him. Since 2013, Atwoli, a stalwart with an extensive tenure as OATUU president, brings not only vast experience but also a steadfast commitment to championing worker rights and interests across the continent.

With his re-election as OATUU president, Atwoli is poised to pivotally address the pressing issues that affect African workers: job security, social protection, and the promotion of decent work form the forefront of his agenda. In Algeria’s capital, Algiers—during this historic third term at the ongoing 12th Congress of OATUU—he delivered an acceptance speech reflecting gratitude for support from fellow trade unionists.

Through his pledge to bolster the collective voice of African workers globally, Atwoli echoes a relentless commitment; he stands—as this renewed mandate begins—a symbol not only of continuity but also experience within the ever-shifting landscape of African trade unions. This emphasis on concerted efforts underscores that it is imperative to address not just challenges faced by workforce sectors but also their overarching needs and aspirations.

Atwoli’s re-election—a symbol of his unabating influence in policy-shaping for not only Kenyan workers but also those across Africa—is anticipated to resonate with the concerns and aspirations of the local workforce. We expect his leadership to bridge that crucial gap: forging a connection between labor issues at home, within Kenya’s borders, and the broader African context.