Over 5,300 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Africa have achieved noteworthy success by graduating from Google’s Hustle Academy. Launched in 2022, this program played an instrumental role in providing entrepreneurs with crucial practical skills and resources for business growth.

The Hustle Academy focuses on tackling the distinct challenges that African SMBs encounter. Its recent graduation emphasized its impact, benefiting over 10,000 entrepreneurs throughout the continent through this program. This year’s cohort notably enhances the success of more than 5,000 SMBs who graduated last year.

The graduates from various industries mirror the dynamic nature of Kenyan entrepreneurship. These businesses, participants in the Hustle Academy, have demonstrated remarkable innovation and resilience, a testament to their involvement.

Henry Rithaa, the Chief Executive Officer of the Micro & Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) in Kenya, commended Google Hustle Academy’s program: “You have trained over 3,000 SMBs within our nation through your intensive one-week boot camp; this is an impressive feat.” He emphasized that SMBs serve as Kenya’s economic growth engine and underscored how empowering these businesses ultimately empowers a whole nation.

Agnes Gathaiya, the East Africa Country Director, underscored SMBs’ commendable determination and growth. She portrayed the Hustle Academy program as a beacon that illuminates what practical training and resource provision can accomplish. She applauded not just the graduates’ hard work but also their role in enhancing Kenya’s business environment.

Melanie Hapisu, the founder of DigiPath Africa, stands as a shining success story for this program. She emphasized that its training—far from mere theories—equips businesses with actionable strategies capable of transforming their operations. Adapting her business to market demands and ensuring sustainable growth remains an ongoing challenge for Hapisu; however, crucial insights from the Academy have significantly aided in navigating these hurdles. Furthermore, they’ve not only fostered innovation but also empowered more informed decisions towards long-term success.

Beyond the Hustle Academy, Google actively supports small and medium-sized businesses in Africa through a range of programs, products, and partnerships. This comprehensive support equips SMBs to navigate the complexities inherent in today’s business landscape. Particularly noteworthy is Google’s dedication evidenced by its establishment of the Hustle Academy—an initiative that clearly underpins their commitment towards bolstering African commerce.