In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, African businesses are witnessing a paradigm shift with the introduction of Deimos Managed Infrastructure (DMI). Deimos, a pioneering technology company specializing in cloud-native solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform designed to redefine the management of cloud infrastructure for businesses across the continent.

Streamlining Growth Through Innovation

Deimos, with its cloud-native solutions, has been at the forefront of scaling cloud technology in Africa since its inception in 2018. Clients such as CBN, Kuda Bank, and Mukuru have experienced significant strides in digital transformation and success. The newly launched DMI stands as a testament to Deimos’ commitment to innovation, addressing crucial pain points in technology management for businesses of all sizes.

The Essence of Deimos Managed Infrastructure

1. Swift Market Entry: DMI reduces infrastructure deployment time from a conventional 12 months to an impressive under 3 months, facilitating a rapid market entry for tech startups and businesses.

2. Uninterrupted Operations: Ensuring high availability, DMI employs redundancy, load-balanced deployment, and auto-scale groups, guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations.

3. Informed Decision-Making: DMI provides a robust observability platform, offering valuable insights into system health through visual metrics, empowering businesses with informed decision-making capabilities.

4. Real-time Cost Optimization: The platform optimizes cloud costs in real-time, aligning resource use with business objectives to ensure financial efficiency.

5. Rapid Recovery: With a remarkable recovery time of under 30 minutes in the event of a catastrophic incident, DMI prioritizes business continuity.

6. Security Without Compromise: DMI places a high emphasis on security, adhering to industry standards and benchmarks, showcasing its readiness for the market.

David Roos on DMI

David Roos, Director of SRE at Deimos, expressed, “Our Managed Infrastructure Solution is crafted to evolve with industry best practices, offering businesses a flexible and state-of-the-art solution. We prioritize security, showcasing the readiness of our product for the market.”

Cloud Agnostic Approach

Deimos ensures clients receive tailored solutions for their unique environments by being cloud agnostic. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Google, AWS, Azure, JumpCloud, GitLab, Cloudflare, and more underscore Deimos’ commitment to providing the right solutions for businesses.

The Future of African Business Operations

As the IaaS market is projected to grow substantially, DMI positions itself as a strategic partner for businesses seeking swift deployment, scalability, and streamlined technology management. This innovative solution empowers businesses to focus on core activities without being encumbered by the complexities of technology.