Located within the heart of Eastleigh, Artcaffé, a prominent name in Kenya’s dining scene, has unveiled its 38th main branch at Business Bay Square. This addition to their family of outlets aims to do more than just satisfy culinary cravings; it seeks to offer a captivating Middle Eastern cultural and gastronomic adventure. Let’s delve into this exciting new chapter for Artcaffé and the vibrant Eastleigh community.

The Choice of Eastleigh

Artcaffé’s decision to establish a foothold in Business Bay Square, Eastleigh, is a strategic move. It’s a testament to their commitment to actively serve local communities where their presence was previously limited. The endeavor showcases Artcaffé’s dedication to diversifying its offerings, responding to market demands, and creating authentic cultural dining experiences.

A Visual and Sensory Feast

As you step into the new branch, you’ll be transported to the heart of the Middle East. The decor is a mesmerizing tapestry of intricate mosaic patterns, traditional textiles, and vibrant color schemes that reflect the region’s rich heritage. The immersive experience is further amplified by the subtle infusion of Middle Eastern sounds in the music, creating a rich and sensory ambiance. For Artcaffé, delighting the senses is a top priority, and it’s evident in every detail, from the visuals to the flavors.

Culinary Delights

Artcaffé’s Business Bay Square branch introduces a thoughtfully crafted menu, featuring exclusive Middle Eastern dishes and beverages. While retaining their beloved Artcaffé menu, this new branch adds an enticing twist with 18 distinctive dishes. These offerings include selections ‘from the grill’ and a variety of ‘flatbreads and pide.’ From classics like Beef Haleem and Chicken Cafreal to more innovative interpretations like Osso Bucco Biriyani, each dish promises a culinary journey deeply rooted in the Middle East. These flavors are a tribute to the region’s rich culinary traditions and diverse spices.

Community Bonding

The warm welcome that Artcaffé has received in Eastleigh is a reflection of the efforts put into understanding, appreciating, and respecting the local culture. The Eastleigh community has embraced the Middle Eastern-themed branch, especially on weekends. Families and groups gather to bond over Artcaffé’s delectable dishes, with favorites like the Harissa Shish Taouk and Dum Ka Murgh creating memorable moments.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Artcaffé aims to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for customers and the local community through promotions, events, and collaborations related to the Business Bay Square branch. This commitment to bringing people together through exceptional experiences remains at the core of Artcaffé’s mission.