Huawei Kenya has taken a significant stride towards gender equality and digital empowerment: it has forged an impressive partnership with MaMa Doing Good, a non-profit organization under the auspices of First Lady Rachel Ruto. The purpose of this alliance? To arm Kenyan women with indispensable digital skills; such transformative education could profoundly affect their lives–bridging, in turn, the gaping chasm that is the digital divide.

Solidifying the collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding, we aim to influence over 14,000 women’s groups scattered across Kenya: at its core lies a strategic dedication – providing women (particularly those supported by MaMa Doing Good) with the indispensable tools and knowledge for successful digital landscape navigation.

“Private sector involvement in initiatives driven by NGOs and government bodies is of utmost importance,” underscored Dr. John Chumo, the CEO of MaMa Doing Good; he emphasized this truth particularly in terms of investing in women’s economic empowerment–a direct pathway to achieving gender equality, eradicating poverty, and fostering inclusive economic growth. The promise held within Huawei’s program lies with its potential as a catalyst for profound change: through acquiring equipment and digital skills, these women stand on the precipice of transformative empowerment.

Huawei and MaMa Doing Good drafted a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU); it delineates a comprehensive blueprint for their partnership. This roadmap encompasses key areas: narrowing the digital divide for women; enhancing digital literacy; documenting shared efforts – joint communications, advocacy for such literacy, and cooperative resource mobilization.

This partnership vibrates profoundly with both organizations’ mutual commitment to foster a more just society, echoing seamlessly Kenya’s Vision 2030. Demonstrating the power of collaboration–particularly in harnessing modern technology–it serves as an uplifting testament; indeed, it promotes social and economic mobility for Kenyan women.

Excited about the collaboration, Steven Zhang—Deputy CEO at Huawei Kenya —expressed its potential; it aims to empower women with essential digital skills necessary for thriving in today’s tech-driven world. With technology permeating nearly every sector of our economy: bridging the digital divide becomes critical—not an option—and this partnership is striving towards making that a reality.

First Lady Rachel Ruto presides over MaMa Doing Good, an organization passionately dedicated to Women’s Economic Empowerment, Environmental Conservation and Climate Action in Kenya; seamlessly aligning its mission with Huawei Kenya’s vision. United by the shared goal of transforming communities–improving all Kenyan lives–this partnership promises a formidable catalyst for positive change: each entity set to significantly impact society.