The Kenyan government has relaunched cargo flights at the Eldoret International Airport, a move aimed at revitalizing regional trade and boosting the economy. Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria and his Transport counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen presided over the re-opening of cargo flights during a ceremony at the airport on Thursday.

During the event, CS Murkomen emphasized the critical role that this move will play in expanding business opportunities and improving the quality of life for residents in Eldoret town and the wider Rift Valley region. He expressed his optimism that the revival of cargo flights would lead to faster transportation of goods, broadened business horizons, and ultimately contribute to the upliftment of livelihoods in the area.

“This is a significant milestone for the business community and farmers not only in the region but also beyond. The re-launched cargo flights will streamline the movement of goods, facilitate trade growth, and foster socio-economic development,” Murkomen stated.

In collaboration with the private sector, the Ministry of Transport is actively engaged in extending the runway of Eldoret International Airport and constructing warehouses within the facility. These enhancements are expected to improve the airport’s operational capacity and provide a more conducive environment for trade and business activities.

CS Kuria echoed Murkomen’s sentiments and shared insights into the government’s efforts to enhance the ease of doing business in Kenya. He revealed that the government has been actively collaborating with global logistics investors and various government stakeholders to streamline trade processes and create a more favorable environment for businesses.

Eldoret International Airport is strategically located and serves not only Eldoret but also the surrounding communities. The airport sits at an elevation of 2,150 meters (7,050 feet) above sea level, and it boasts a single asphalt runway measuring 3,475 meters (11,401 feet) in length.

The relaunch of cargo flights at Eldoret International Airport holds great promise for the regional economy. As trade flourishes and business opportunities expand, local communities stand to benefit from increased economic activities and improved livelihoods. The government’s commitment to upgrading airport infrastructure further demonstrates its dedication to fostering sustainable growth and development in the region.