Today, I’ve got some exciting news straight from the heart of Kenya – Makueni County to be precise! Brace yourselves, because it’s all about how the M-PESA Foundation is making a significant splash in the maternal and child health sector with a stunning investment of KES 27 million. Yup, you heard that right – 27 million big ones!

A Healthier Makueni, One Baby Step at a Time

As the birds sing their morning melodies and the sun rises above the beautiful landscape of Mbooni East, the residents have a big reason to smile! More than 15,000 people are in for a treat as the M-PESA Foundation joins hands with the Makueni County government to unveil the brand new Maternal and Child Health Unit at Tawa sub-County Hospital. Cue the applause!

Bold Move, Bold Impact

You might be wondering, “Wow, 27 million? That’s a whole lot of money!” Well, you’re right, my friend! The M-PESA Foundation has put its money where its heart is – improving healthcare for mothers and children. With this whopping investment, the facility is geared up to reduce referrals and bring quality services closer to the amazing residents of Mbooni sub-County.

Chairman Nicholas Nganga couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared, “In our efforts to curb maternal and infant mortality, the M-PESA Foundation has partnered with several counties to enhance service delivery. That is why we have intervened here in Makueni County to bring services closer to the people and transform as many lives as possible.” Kudos to the Foundation for stepping up and making a difference!

From the Heart of Kenya to the Hearts of Thousands

You know what they say – a healthy community is a happy community! And the M-PESA Foundation knows it too well. This incredible organization doesn’t stop at just one location; they’re spreading the love all over Kenya!

As we sip on some chai and munch on some mandazi, let’s take a look at their other ongoing maternal health projects:

  • Ndhiwa sub-County Hospital in Homa Bay: They’re not only famous for their scenic beauty but also for the quality healthcare services delivered with love and care.
  • Makwa Dispensary in Kiambu: Just like the Kiambu hills, they’re standing tall to provide top-notch healthcare to the locals.
  • Talek Community Hospital in Narok: Surrounded by the breathtaking Maasai Mara, they bring life-saving care to those who need it most.
  • Brase Clinic in Migori County: With a heart as big as Lake Victoria, they’re leaving no stone unturned to improve health services in Migori.

More Goodness from M-PESA Foundation

In the neighboring county of Machakos, the M-PESA Foundation is spreading even more magic. They’ve teamed up with Zuri Health and Lion First Sight Eye Hospital for a medical camp extravaganza!

Over 2,000 people having a blast (well, sort of!) at the medical camp, accessing health services like there’s no tomorrow. But the goodness doesn’t end there! These folks are getting free follow-up consultations for six whole months, and all they have to do is send “ZURI” to 40815 via SMS or WhatsApp. How cool is that?

What’s even better is that they can add three of their loved ones to receive medical advice from doctors too. You get medical advice, and you get medical advice! Everybody gets medical advice!