In a remarkable endeavor. The Ministry of Information, Communications, and The Digital Economy has commenced a mission to establish cutting edge labs throughout our great nation. You may inquire why such an undertaking? Well it is driven by their desire to take digital literacy to unprecedented heights! Eliud Owalo, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications and The Digital Economy revealed that this initiative aims to cultivate digital skills among our vibrant youth and the broader public. It serves as a vital component of the governments’ sweeping plan to ensure universal internet access through their ambitious digital superhighway project.

Can you feel the excitement building? Brace yourselves for an awe inspiring revelation. The ministry plans to install a staggering 23,000 devices in schools, universities, TVET institutions VTCs and even village ICT hubs.

These state of the art laboratories will be epicenters of learning – empowering individuals from all walks of life. Owalo emphasized the pivotal role played by digital literacy in achieving the governments visionary bottom up economic transformation agenda. He firmly believes that by equipping our dynamic youth and grassroots communities with essential digital skills they will be able to thrive within an ever evolving operating landscape. So let us unite in keeping pace with these changing times!

During his presence at Maseno School in Kisumu County for the unveiling of a digital laboratory Eliud Owalo underscored how this milestone impeccably aligns with our governments’ drive towards digitized services. Already over 6,000 services have been digitized! And guess what? There are even more services on track to be added onto the E Citizen platform before year end! Can you sense the exhilaration surrounding this prevailing wave of digitization?

But thats not all there is! The Cabinet Secretary had an empowering message for our industrious grassroots level traders. He encouraged them to seize the opportunities afforded by these digital laboratories and training initiatives. And heres’ something else incredible – free public Wi Fi hotspots are being established across numerous markets and bus parks countrywide! The time has come for us all. My friends. To enthusiastically dive into the realm of e commerce!

And hold onto your hats because our government has some truly grand plans on the horizon. The government is currently in the process of implementing a national addressing system as well as introducing digital identification cards with the primary goal of making e commerce a seamless reality for all Kenyans. Furthermore in order to ensure maximum accessibility to the digital infrastructure, affordable smart mobile phones that are locally assembled will hit the market in August – an exciting prospect indeed! These smart devices will be available at an attractive price point of Sh. 5,600 and are projected to significantly augment both the use of online government services and online work opportunities across Kenya.

The government has made it clear that their main focus is ensuring that every citizen can benefit from this revolutionary shift towards digitization. And theres even more! The government has initiated discussions with prominent global technology giants aiming to connect them with talented young Kenyans – their ultimate objective being maximizing potential within the realm of online work opportunities. Its’ astonishing how limitless possibilities exist within this ever expanding digital world.