Starting a business is not always a bed of roses as most of us would wish it to be, but a little bit of patience and dedication will finally pay off. One of the key areas that could break or make a business here in Kenya is your success rate in applying for tenders. Whether you’re a tenderprenuer or a small business wishing to break even, here are some tips that might just help propell you in the right direction. Winning tenders in Kenya can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies you’ll be on your way to tenderpreneurial success in no time!

Understand the Tender Proces

the first step to triumph in the world of tenders is to understand the process like the back of your hand. Read those tender documents with the enthusiasm of devouring a plate of nyama choma! Pay close attention to the evaluation criteria, submission requirements, and deadlines. You don’t want to be caught like a matatu stuck in Nairobi traffic, rushing to meet the last-minute tender submission.

Research, Research, Research

If you want to outshine your competition, do your homework! Research the procuring entities, their requirements, and their previous tenders. Familiarize yourself with their preferences and look for opportunities where you can add value. Just like knowing which route to avoid during rush hour, understanding the playing field will give you a competitive edge.

Build Relationships

In Kenya, relationships are everything. Connect with decision-makers, suppliers, and stakeholders in the industry. Attend networking events and engage in meaningful conversations. Remember, a good relationship is like ugali and sukuma wiki—they go hand in hand. Cultivating strong relationships will increase your chances of winning tenders and open doors to future opportunities.

Nail that Proposal

When it comes to writing a winning proposal, my friend, don’t hold back! Showcase your unique selling points, highlight your experience, and demonstrate how your solution will address the procuring entity’s needs. Inject some humor into your proposal (but not too much, we don’t want to turn it into a comedy show). Just like a good joke, a well-crafted proposal can leave a lasting impression.

Collaborate and Sub-contract

Remember, we are stronger together than apart. Consider collaborating with other businesses or sub-contracting certain aspects of the tender. This way, you can tap into the expertise and resources of others, making your bid even more compelling. Just like a team of skilled players, a collaborative approach can lead you to victory.

Be Patient and Persistent

Winning tenders takes time, my friend. Don’t be discouraged if you face rejection. Keep refining your strategies, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward. Remember, even Mount Kilimanjaro wasn’t conquered in a day! Persistence is key. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay committed to your tenderpreneurial journey.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about the tender process, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. There are experts and consultants who specialize in tendering. They can guide you through the process, offer valuable insights, and help you navigate the complexities of winning tenders. Just like a skilled safari guide, they’ll show you the best path to success.


    Winning tenders in Kenya is no walk in the park, but with the right mix of knowledge, determination, and a touch of humor, you can become a tenderpreneur extraordinaire! Remember to understand the tender process, research diligently, build relationships, craft compelling proposals, collaborate when needed, and above all, be patient and persistent.