Smartphone ownership has grown two-fold here in Kenya, since the days of yore and today we’re taking the exciting world of mobile phone accessories and how we can ride the wave of success in this booming industry. Kenya’s mobile phone obsession is skyrocketing, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity to tap into the mobile accessory market. So, grab your chargers, put on your creative hats, and let’s explore how to conquer this ever-growing sector by assessing demand and finding the perfect location.

The Emergence of the Mobile Phone Accessory Business in Kenya

You won’t believe the smartphone frenzy happening in Kenya right now! It’s like everyone and their grandmother owns one. Our country’s love affair with mobile technology has paved the way for the mobile phone accessory business to flourish. With millions of smartphone users and a middle class that’s growing faster than weeds after the rainy season, it’s the perfect time to jump into this thriving industry and grab our piece of the accessory pie.

Assessing Demand: Don’t Miss the Gravy Train!

Now, my friends, we need to be smart about this. Assessing demand is the name of the game. So here’s what you do:

  1. Get to know the popular smartphone brands in Kenya. I’m talking about the big guns that rule our market. Focus on accessories that fit those brands like a glove.
  2. We all have our favorite accessories, right? Well, our fellow Kenyans do too! Dive into what the people want: phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, power banks, earphones, Bluetooth gadgets—the whole shebang! Stay updated on the latest trends and make sure to sprinkle some innovation into your product offerings.
  3. Psst! Keep an eye on the competition, my friend. See what they’re up to. Check out their products, prices, and even their customer reviews. It’s like doing undercover detective work, but legal. Identify gaps in the market and swoop in to save the day with your unique offerings.

Choosing the Right Location: Where’s the Party at?

Now, picture this: a happening location that screams “accessory haven” to every passerby. Here’s how to choose the right spot:

  1. Think about your customers’ hangout spots. Are you near a popular shopping mall, a buzzing commercial district, or even a college campus? The closer you are to your target market, the more they’ll stumble upon your dazzling accessories.
  2. Keep an eye on the competition. Is there an area where they haven’t quite figured out what Kenyans really want? Well, that’s where you swoop in like a superhero, filling the gap and attracting customers like bees to honey.
  3. Make sure the infrastructure is on point. We’re talking about steady electricity, internet connectivity, and good ol’ foot traffic. Without those, it’s like trying to sell roasted maize at a deserted bus stop—ain’t nobody gonna notice you.
  4. Money talks, my friend. Find a location that won’t break the bank. You want to strike a balance between affordability and potential profits. After all, we’re here to make some mullah!

Succeeding in the Mobile Phone Accessory Business: Dazzle them with Swag!

Alright, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s add some swag to your accessory business:

  1. Team up, my friend! Collaborate with smartphone retailers or service providers. It’s like a power duo, Batman and Robin style. By partnering up, you’ll expand your distribution channels and be the talk of the town.
  2. Quality, variety, and more variety! Kenyans love choices, so give them what they want. Offer a wide range of top-notch accessories that cater to every taste and budget. Remember, we’re all about diversity!
  3. Embrace the online world. Yes, it’s time to unleash your inner tech geek. Set up a user-friendly website or join popular online marketplaces. It’s like opening a virtual shop that’s accessible to all our tech-savvy Kenyans.
  4. Be unforgettable. Create a brand identity that leaves a lasting impression. Invest in kickass branding, eye-catching packaging, and smart advertising. Stand out from the crowd like a Maasai warrior in Nairobi’s concrete jungle!

Types of mobile phone accessories that are popular here in Kenya

  1. Phone Cases: Protect your beloved phone from scratches, drops, and even “Nairoberry” matatu rides. Get yourself a case that says, “My phone is tougher than our city potholes!”
  2. Screen Protectors: Don’t let those stubborn scratches ruin your texting and Instagram game. Slap on a screen protector and let it take the hits like a seasoned “Boda Boda” rider.
  3. Chargers: Keep your phone charged faster than a Kenyan politician making promises during campaign season. Whether it’s a “Jua Kali” charger or a fancy wireless pad, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Earphones and Headphones: Tune out the world and immerse yourself in your favorite tunes like a “matatu” DJ on a mission to make Nairobi jam. Let the beats flow through your veins!
  5. Bluetooth Speakers: Take your party anywhere, from the dusty streets of Kibera to the sandy shores of Diani. With a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll have the power to turn any place into a dance floor.
  6. PopSockets and Phone Grips: Say goodbye to those embarrassing phone drops that happen at the most inconvenient times. Pop on a grip and hold onto your phone tighter than a “Nyama Choma” lover with a fresh plate.
  7. Car Mounts and Holders: Keep your phone safe and steady while navigating Nairobi’s treacherous roads. Just remember, the mount can’t save you from those unpredictable “matatu” drivers!
  8. Phone Wallets: Ditch the bulky wallets and slide into the sleek world of phone wallets. It’s like having your money and phone doing a synchronized dance, Swahili style!
  9. Selfie Sticks: Capture that perfect selfie like a seasoned “soko” vendor showcasing their juiciest mangoes. Extend that stick and strike a pose, because you deserve to be the star of your own Instagram feed!
  10. Phone Lenses: Turn your phone into a professional camera faster than you can say “Sarova Mara Game Camp.” Get those up-close wildlife shots or stunning cityscapes with attachable lenses.
  11. Smartwatches and Fitness Bands: Be the tech-savvy fitness guru you’ve always wanted to be. Rock a smartwatch or fitness band and track your steps, heart rate, and daily hustle like a true Kenyan marathon champion.
  12. Mobile Gaming Accessories: Step up your gaming skills with accessories that make you feel like a virtual Maasai warrior or an e-sports champion. It’s time to show those online opponents who’s boss!
  13. Cable Organizers: Tame the cable chaos that haunts every Kenyan’s life. Keep those charging cables and earphones neat and tidy, just like a well-organized matatu queue.
  14. Phone Stand and Mounts: Set your phone free and watch videos hands-free. It’s like having your own personal movie theater, minus the overpriced


My fellow Kenyans, the mobile phone accessory business is a goldmine waiting to be explored. With our booming smartphone culture and a little sprinkle of innovation, we can conquer this industry. Assess demand, choose the perfect location, and add that Kenyan flair to your business. Get ready to ride the wave of success and make our mobile phones shine brighter than Mount Kilimanjaro at sunrise. Let’s show the world how we do it, Kenyan style!