Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! After a four-year break, the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMIA) is roaring with delight to announce the highly anticipated return of the NCBA – KMI Motor Show 2023. Get ready to revitalize your love for all things automotive from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Under the skillful leadership of Mr. Naresh Leekha and his exceptional team, KMIA is pulling out all the stops to make this year’s event unforgettable. Not only are our loyal KMI members in full gear, but we’re also on the lookout for fresh partners and players in the automotive and related industries who want to join the excitement.

Buckle up and prepare for a mind-blowing showcase of over 20 automotive and ancillary brands. These industry frontrunners are revving their engines to present their latest models and cutting-edge technologies. From the expansive exhibition space to the Sarit Centre parking lot, prepare to be wowed by the innovation and elegance on display. This year’s theme, “The Connection,” aims to transport attendees into the future of automotive technology and redefine the way we travel.

Among the star-studded lineup of participating brands, we have the likes of Kingsway Tyres, Silverstone, Subaru, and many more household names. With an expected attendance of over 10,000 enthusiasts, this event promises to be the ultimate haven for automotive aficionados.

Revving up the excitement even further, we are proud to announce our new Title Sponsor, NCBA Bank Kenya PLC. With their remarkable sponsorship of Kes 8,000,000.00, NCBA Bank embodies the spirit of forward-thinking and encourages everyone to achieve more with their money and, consequently, their lives. As leaders in asset finance and digital banking, their partnership with KMI demonstrates a shared commitment to propel the automotive industry forward in Kenya.

During the partnership announcement, the Group Managing Director of NCBA Group, John Gachora, emphasized the importance of sustainable transport and affordable financing options. With their extensive expertise and commitment to tailor-made solutions, NCBA aims to enable business growth and empower entrepreneurs in the automotive sector.

Our goal this year is to accelerate growth by 15-20% in the number of visitors and create an electrifying atmosphere that appeals to all age groups and profiles. The NCBA – KMI Motor Show is not just about showcasing stunning vehicles; it’s about fueling the economy and fostering growth within the automotive business. The show’s substantial investment also translates into job opportunities in construction, design, and related fields, ensuring a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Over the past decade, KMIA has continuously raised the bar by introducing new services and embracing digital technology to enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience. This year, we’ve prepared an even more thrilling lineup of entertaining and engaging activities to keep you enthralled.

While online marketing practices have their place, we firmly believe that the Motor Show retains its unique allure. It’s not merely a modern automotive exhibition; it’s an event that pulsates with positive energy, empowering consumers with an array of choices under one roof. This vibrant marketplace stimulates the economy and boosts sales during and after the event, creating a win-win scenario for all.

So mark your calendars and join us at Sarit Centre, located on Karuna Road in Nairobi, Kenya. The Sarit Centre Expo Hall, Atrium, and Car Park will transform into a hub of automotive wonder, igniting your passion for cars and driving the industry forward. Get ready for an experience like no other at the NCBA – KMI Motor Show 2023!