OLA Energy Kenya has unveiled its groundbreaking O’Lab Clinic, a pioneer in mobile quality control equipment designed to revolutionize vehicle testing. This cutting-edge clinic conducts rapid tests conveniently at the customer’s location, providing an instant snapshot of the vehicle equipment’s condition. With a focus on serving industrial and automotive customers alike, the O’Lab Clinic brings a new era of convenience to the testing process.

Equipped with advanced tools for condition monitoring and diagnostics, the O’Lab Clinic offers a comprehensive range of equipment. Among its features are a battery tester to assess battery health, an emissions tester to evaluate the vehicle exhaust systems’ condition, an engine diagnostics tester to identify errors within the engine, and an infrared thermographic imager that provides a spectrum of temperature readings for operating equipment. Additionally, the clinic houses an oil filtration unit to test oil viscosity and remove dirt particles, along with a vibration meter, stroboscope, and vehicle electronic diagnostics kit.

The clinic’s official launch, held at OLA Energy’s head office in Muthaiga, included vehicle diagnosis and testing, as well as battery and emissions testing for the company’s staff vehicles. This initiative aimed to ensure employee safety while educating them about best practices in lubrication. Moreover, the launch sought to familiarize the staff with the clinic’s benefits and engage them as influential O’Lab brand ambassadors among customers.

Dr. Yousef Elhemalli, General Manager of OLA Energy Kenya, expressed the company’s commitment to providing services and products that cater to their customers’ needs. The introduction of the O’Lab Clinic signifies OLA Energy’s proactive approach to addressing client requirements, enabling on-site tests, equipment condition monitoring, and technical support, including equipment inspections and recommendations.

With the O’Lab Clinic, the OLA Energy team can now conveniently serve customers at their locations, offering a streamlined solution for equipment diagnosis. The skilled equipment operators can also provide valuable recommendations on process improvement and reducing downtime.

The O’Lab Clinic represents a highly specialized tool that enhances OLA Energy Kenya’s Field Engineering Services, delivering value-added solutions to existing and potential customers. By eliminating the need to transport samples to a stationary laboratory in Mombasa and wait for days, the O’Lab Clinic enables rapid tests on-site. This innovation is part of OLA Energy Kenya’s comprehensive aftersales Technical Support Service, provided to customers free of charge.