In an effort to ensure data security, the Nakuru County Government has enlisted the services of ELSMED Healthcare Solutions to automate its laboratory information and inventory management systems.

Ms. Jacqueline Osoro, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, revealed that the devolved unit is exploring a system that focuses on workflow and data tracking, flexible architecture, data exchange interfaces, data mining, data analysis, and an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN).

ELSMED Healthcare Solutions will collaborate with Siemens on this project, as mentioned by Ms. Osoro. She emphasized that effective laboratory information and inventory management systems would simplify record keeping, tracking, and reporting, thereby eliminating the risks associated with human error and improving overall turnaround time.

According to the CECM, the implementation of cutting-edge technology will revolutionize the county’s diagnostic systems by enabling more precise and comprehensive analysis of samples.

This, in turn, will lead to more accurate diagnoses and improved patient outcomes, while reducing the time and resources required for testing.

Ms. Osoro expressed her vision for a platform that fosters swift communication between scientists, businesses, laboratories, and the general public.

The system is also expected to significantly reduce the need for manual data input, thereby minimizing the risk of human error and streamlining workflows to improve turnaround times.

During a meeting convened to discuss the project’s implementation, Ms. Osoro stated that Governor Susan Kihika’s administration would upgrade diagnostic equipment at all public health facilities across the county through public-private partnerships.

The CECM highlighted Governor Kihika’s commitment to improving health facilities to ensure affordable and high-quality medical services are accessible to the people of Nakuru.

Additionally, the upgrading of existing sub-county hospitals and the construction of new ones will save residents the inconvenience of traveling to Nakuru’s county referral hospital for services like surgical procedures.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Yaren Farachi, the Chief Executive Officer of ELSMED Healthcare Solutions, Dr. Samuel Mwaura, the Acting County Secretary and Head of Public Service, Mr. Caleb Nyamwange, the County Attorney, Dr. John Murima, the Chief Officer for Medical Services, and Ms. Alice Abuki, the Chief Officer for Public Health.

Ms. Osoro mentioned that the county’s administration is exploring strategic partnerships to provide residents with convenient and subsidized access to medical consultations through telemedicine.

The CECM explained that the partnership with ElsMed Healthcare aims to implement a telemedicine system where care managers will conduct preliminary assessments and subsequently assign patients to a doctor for a consultation session.

Moreover, the county leadership is keen on integrating telemedicine systems where doctors can issue prescriptions directly to partnering pharmacies when necessary.

Given the increasing concern for mental health, Ms. Osoro suggested that telemedicine systems should incorporate teams of counselors accessible via telephone to assist patients experiencing acute stress and anxiety.

“The integration of online and offline healthcare means that our doctors should be able to deliver seamless consultations, just as they would in person,” stated the CECM.

The proposed partnership with ElsMed Healthcare also includes the establishment of a new mother-baby training simulation center to reduce adverse maternal outcomes during childbirth.

Furthermore, plans are underway to construct and equip specialized hypertension and diabetes clinics that will cater not only to Nakuru patients but also to individuals from nine neighboring counties, according to the CECM.