Mombasa County has come up with a genius plan to save its roads from cable-laying havoc! Governor Abdulswamad Nassir is the hero behind this masterstroke, and he’s ready to spill the beans.

The County Government of Mombasa is tired of seeing their roads torn apart by companies laying cables left and right. So, they’re unleashing their secret weapon: underground ducting! Yeah, you heard it right. These sneaky ducts are going to be installed beneath all the roads in Mombasa, acting like secret passageways for cable-layers. No more digging up the roads and causing chaos. You just slide those cables into the pre-installed ducts, and voila! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Governor Nassir is so pumped up about this idea that he can’t help but share all the juicy details. He’s planning to draft a dig-smart act to streamline the whole process. That means no more cable-layers running amok, damaging the roads without a care in the world. Those days are over!

Governor Nassir has a cunning plan to ensure those contractors don’t leave the roads in shambles after laying their precious cables. These underground ducts are going to be the superheroes that save the day. When water pipes are being installed, there will be a dedicated line for fiber cables. It’s like giving the cables their very own highway! So when it’s time for those companies to connect their cables, they just plug ’em in like magic. No more road destruction, no more headaches!

Now, let’s talk about the Mshomoroni-Mwakirunge road. When it rains, it’s like a scene out of a disaster movie. Trust me, you don’t want to attempt driving on that road during a downpour. The Governor has taken matters into his own hands and written a letter to the Kenya Rural Roads Authority, pleading for some major revamping. It’s going to cost a pretty penny, around 600 million Kenyan shillings, to get that road back in shape. But hey, sometimes you gotta spend money to save your sanity, right?

The National Government seems to be experiencing some serious financial blues, and they’re not in a position to help with the road projects. It’s like the universe is playing a cruel joke on Mombasa County. But fear not, Governor Nassir isn’t giving up. He’s got a plan B up his sleeve. You see, most of the Central Business District (CBD) roads fall under the jurisdiction of the National Government. So, he’s appealing to the powers that be, asking for some much-needed funding of around 700 million Kenyan shillings. Let’s hope they open up their wallets and make it rain on those CBD roads!

In the end, Mombasa County is showing some serious innovation and determination to protect its roads from further damage. With its underground ducting scheme, its putting those unruly cable-layers in their place. It’s like creating a secret club for cables, where they can safely travel underground without wreaking havoc on the roads above. Kudos to Governor Nassir for his ingenious plan. Let’s hope those roads in Mombasa will soon be smooth sailing for all!