Are you one of those lucky fellas who have the luxury of Wi-Fi both at home and work? Well, guess what? Safaricom has something special in store for you. They’ve come up with an amazing service called Lipa na Bundles that will make your unused data bundles useful, even if they never expire. So, let’s take a plunge into this innovative service and discover how you can make the most out of your surplus data bundles.

Lipa na Bundles is an ingenious service brought to you by Safaricom, designed to empower customers like you to use their unused data bundles as a means of payment. Say goodbye to the frustration of having idle data bundles because this service gives you an alternative utility. It’s like turning your leftovers into a delicious meal! Lipa na Bundles works like a charm for both the Buy Goods and PayBill options, making it a versatile payment solution for a wide range of transactions.

We all know the feeling of accumulating data bundles that keep piling up, seemingly with no expiration date in sight. It’s like those pesky leftovers in your fridge that you never get around to eating. Well, Safaricom understands your struggle and has introduced Lipa na Bundles as a solution. It’s like the magic wand for your surplus data bundles, transforming them into something valuable and practical. It’s time to put those unused bundles to good use!

To make payments for bills using Lipa na Bundles, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure Eligibility Before you dive into making payments, make sure you have non-expiring data bundles. Sadly, those bundles you bought for a specific period, like 7 days or a month, won’t be eligible. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Step 2: Access the Lipa na Bundles Menu On your Safaricom MPESA line, just dial the USSD code *544*34#. This magical code will open the door to the Lipa na Bundles menu. Get ready to step into a world of possibilities!

Step 3: Choose Your Payment Option Once you’ve dialed the code, a list of options will magically appear before your eyes. Pick the one that suits your needs by entering the corresponding number on your keypad. It’s like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor—there’s something for everyone! For Buy Goods, choose option 1, and for Pay Bill payments, go for option 2.

Step 4: Enter Pay Bill Details After you’ve selected the Pay Bill option, you’ll be prompted to enter the specific details of the Pay Bill or Till number you want to pay. Make sure you enter the correct information to avoid any hiccups along the way.

Step 5: Enter the Amount Once you’ve entered the Pay Bill or Till number, get ready to showcase your math skills. Input the amount you wish to pay, like KES 100, for example. Show that calculator who’s boss!

Step 6: Confirm or Decline Hold your horses! Before you hit the final button, you’ll see an equivalent amount of data that will be deducted from your surplus bundles. It’s like a sneak peek into the data realm. Now, you have the power to confirm or decline the transaction. The choice is yours!

Step 7: Confirm Payment Double-check everything, my friend! Take a moment to review the information you’ve provided to ensure accuracy. If all looks good, go ahead and confirm the payment. Time to seal the deal!

Step 8: Enter Your Unique PIN Just like entering a secret code to unlock a treasure chest, you’ll need to enter your unique PIN to authorize the transaction. Safaricom refers to it as a “Service Pin.” Keep it safe, like a hidden treasure map!

Step 9: Deduction from Lipa na Bundles Congratulations! You’ve successfully authorized the transaction. Now, here comes the fun part—watch as the specified data bundle amount required to cover the payment magically disappears from your non-expiring data balance. Poof!

Step 10: Payment Confirmation You did it, champ! Sit back, relax, and wait for the payment confirmation to arrive. Soon enough, you’ll receive a message that will confirm the successful completion of your transaction. It will contain juicy details like the payment amount and the Pay Bill number you paid. It’s like getting a receipt for your data-powered shopping spree!

So there you have it, folks! Safaricom’s Lipa na Bundles service is here to turn your unused data bundles into a valuable resource. No more gathering dust in the digital realm. It’s time to unleash their potential and make payments with a touch of magic. Happy bundling and paying!