FullCare Medical SEZ Limited is making some big moves in Kenya! They’ve got their sights set on Tatu City, where they plan to construct a top-notch production facility. And get this—they’re investing over a whopping USD 100 million! That’s enough money to make anyone’s head spin.

Now, what does FullCare do? Well, they’re in the business of manufacturing medical care and protective equipment. Think masks, gloves, and all those essential goodies. They’re not just playing small either. Their clients stretch far and wide, reaching the United States, Europe, and right here in Africa. Talk about a global footprint!

The first phase of their ambitious facility will create a whopping 1,000 job opportunities. That’s right, folks, a thousand lucky individuals will get to be part of FullCare’s exciting journey. And guess what? They’ll be serving customers from over 70 countries. It’s like a mini United Nations of medical supplies!

You might be wondering, when will this magnificent facility be ready for action? Well, if all goes according to plan, they’re aiming to wrap things up by the end of 2023. That’s just around the corner! So keep your eyes peeled for FullCare’s grand opening.

In the words of Mr. Wu Jianfei, the Managing Director of FullCare, “Kenya represents a great base for international investment by Asian companies, and we are pleased to establish our first production facility on the African continent.” They’ve got big dreams, and Kenya is their ticket to success.

And let’s not forget, FullCare is joining an impressive lineup at Tatu City. This vibrant business hub is home to over 75 operational or under-development companies. From Kenya Wine Agencies Limited to Dormans, Copia to Cooper K-Brands, the list goes on. It’s like a star-studded gathering of business excellence.

Tatu City is no ordinary place either. It’s a flagship Vision 2030 private sector development, designated as a Project of Strategic National Importance. That’s quite the prestigious title! And the perks of setting up shop at Tatu City SEZ are quite impressive. We’re talking VAT zero-rating, import and stamp duty exemptions, and a sweet 10% corporate tax rate for the first decade, followed by 15% for the next decade. It’s like a buffet of business benefits!