A group of Chinese investors are interested in expanding the manufacturing of building materials and internal decoration products in Kisumu County. They’ve got big plans for the lakeside city.

These investors are actually part of the China Lesso Group Holdings Limited, and they’ve already made their mark with the establishment of KEDA Ceramics Company in the area. That place opened up shop just last year and has been a success story ever since.

Now, the China Lesso Group Holdings Limited wants to take things to the next level. Their Chairman, Wong Luen Hei, led a team of 14 investors all the way from Hong Kong China to explore investment opportunities in the beautiful lakeside city of Kisumu. They’re thinking of setting up manufacturing plants on a whopping 150-acre piece of land owned by KEDA Group in Miwani. Talk about going big!

These investors are really excited to start reating a variety of building materials and products. They’ve got their sights set on manufacturing pipes and fittings, interior decoration products, and even home furnishing materials. They’re not stopping there, though. They also want to play a key role in the supply chain and do their part for environmental conservation. It’s like they’re thinking of everything!

The best part? This whole initiative is all about improving the lives of the people in Kisumu. Wong Luen Hei himself said that their first venture into ceramics production in Kajiado was a success, and they see a ton of potential in Kisumu and the surrounding counties. So they’re doubling down on their investment in Kisumu to create even more opportunities for the locals. You gotta love their commitment!

And let me tell you, the Deputy Governor of Kisumu, Dr. Mathwe Owili, is totally on board with this whole thing. He thinks it’s going to bring major development to the county and, most importantly, create lots of jobs for the youth. The China Lesso Investment Group isn’t new to Kisumu, you know. KEDA Ceramics has been rocking it in the country for a solid seven years now. They entered Kisumu in 2021 and started operations the next year, employing thousands of people directly and indirectly. That’s what I call making a difference!

Dr. Owili wants to keep the momentum going and ensure a great environment for investors. The county government of Kisumu is all about partnership and creating the perfect conditions for these exciting investments. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.