HFC, which is the banking subsidiary of HF Group, has joined forces with Kigutha Farmers Limited to unveil an incredible residential project dubbed Barista Gardens. The project is all about tackling Kenya’s housing deficit, which currently stands at a whopping two million units. That’s no small feat!

Barista Gardens is located in a beautiful place called Kamiti Corner, in Kiambu County. Picture this: a sprawling 58-acre piece of land that’s going to be transformed into a residential paradise. The organization is planning to have fully-serviced plots in not just one, but four courts of ¼ acre each. Plus, there’s going to be an additional court of 1/8 acre. That’s a lot of space to call your own!

During the signing of the deal, HF Group’s CEO, Robert Kibaara, emphasized that the’ll be shifting their focus from capital-intensive property development to more affordable housing projects. And you know why? Because they want to make it easier for people like you and me to finance our dream homes.

Kibaara couldn’t contain his excitement as he spoke about Barista Gardens. He said, “This place is going to have 180 brand-new homes in a gated community with a country lifestyle. It’s perfect for those looking to move in or make a wise investment.” The best part? No matter if you’re living in Kenya or chilling abroad, you can save up, buy, or invest with HFC and enjoy all the perks of living in a controlled environment with easy access to social and commercial amenities. Talk about convenience!

Each plot at Barista Gardens comes with four pre-designed house plans. That means buyers like you have some design options while still maintaining a premium vibe throughout the community. And of course, you won’t be missing out on social and commercial amenities either. They’ve got you covered!

Kibaara proudly mentioned, “This partnership truly shows HF Group’s dedication to improving the lives of Kenyans by providing them with amazing home-ownership opportunities and financing options.” It’s clear that they’re committed to making dreams come true!

And you know what sealed the deal for Kigutha Farmers Limited? According to their chair, Nyokabi Kamau, it was HF Group’s stellar track record in the real estate sector. When you’re teaming up with someone, it’s important to know they’ve got the experience to back it up, right?

So, there you have it! HF Group and Kigutha Farmers Limited are joining forces to bring you Barista Gardens, a fantastic residential project aimed at solving Kenya’s housing deficit. With breathtaking plots, multiple house plans, and a commitment to making your dreams come true, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.