Airtel Money mobile money transfer platform in Kenya, has joined forces with Kenya Power to revolutionize electricity bill payments. And guess what? They’re doing it with zero transaction fees! Can you believe it?

Anne-Kinuthia Otieno, the rockstar MD of Airtel Money, knows that times are tough, and she’s determined to help Kenyans through it. This epic partnership will benefit both postpaid and prepaid Kenya Power customers for a whopping six months. That’s right, no fees, no worries!

Anne-Kinuthia Otieno couldn’t contain her excitement: “We are thrilled to offer Kenyans this amazing solution where they can pay their electricity bills with zero transaction costs. It’s like saving money and getting a free ticket to spend it on other cool stuff!”

So, how does it work? It’s as easy as dialing the USSD code *334# and choosing Airtel Paybill, then KPLC. Voila! Your electricity bill is paid, and your wallet is singing with joy.

Joseph Siror, the mighty MD and CEO of Kenya Power, couldn’t hide his delight either: “Having Airtel onboard as one of our revenue collection agencies is a game-changer. This strategic partnership brings seamless payment options to our cherished customers, ensuring convenience and satisfaction like never before.”

But here’s the real deal. Even after the six months of fee-free awesomeness, Airtel Money will continue to offer affordable payment options for your electricity bills. That’s right, they’ve got your back with their commitment to providing highly affordable services. Airtel Money is here to make life easier for you, one bill at a time.

Airtel Money has some incredible benefits up its sleeve. You can send money between Airtel to Airtel network for free, and when you purchase airtime or data through Airtel Money, you get an extra 25 percent! And that’s not all. Withdrawal charges? No problem! Save up to a whopping 40 percent on withdrawal charges at any Airtel Money agent. Airtel Money is all about giving you the best deals and making your money go further.

In its quest to bring affordable and convenient mobile money services to Kenyans, Airtel Money plans to forge more partnerships with strategic stakeholders. They’re on a mission to make your pocket and your life happier than ever before.

The numbers don’t lie, my friends. According to the industry stats from the mighty Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), mobile money services are on the rise. Subscriptions have reached a jaw-dropping 38.6 million, with a penetration rate of 78.2 percent. And guess what? Airtel Money is rocking it with 1.197 million subscribers, making up 3.1% of the total mobile money gang. They’re here to stay, and they’re here to make your financial life a breeze.

So, Kenyans, get ready to bid farewell to those pesky transaction fees and embrace the wonderful world of Airtel Money. It’s time to imagine a life with more convenience, affordability, and of course, a little extra cash in your pocket. Airtel Money has got your back!