Absa bank has for a while struggled to match the impression left by its immediate predecessor – Barclays Bank in the Kenya’s financial world, but that hasn’t prevented it from trying to figure new areas of innovation to stand out. And today You won’t believe what Absa Bank Kenya and Visa have cooked up for small businesses in Kenya! Brace yourself for the Absa Mobi Tap solution, an interesting solution in the world of digital payments. This partnership between the banking giant and the global digital payments leader is about to make waves.

So, what’s the fuss all about? Well, put yourself in the shoes of a small business owner, and you want to start accepting card payments from your customers. But hey, who needs those clunky point of sale (POS) machines when you’ve got a trusty Android smartphone? That’s right! With Absa Mobi Tap, your Android device becomes your very own POS machine. We recently saw KCB come up with something similar.

No more fumbling around with cards or struggling with outdated payment methods. The Absa Mobi Tap app, which you can easily download from the Play Store, will be your new best friend. Just set up your profile, and you’re ready to roll. Customers can simply tap their debit or credit cards on the back of your smartphone, and voila! Payment made.

Elizabeth Wasunna, the Business Banking Director at Absa Bank Kenya, couldn’t contain her excitement during the launch event. She expressed the bank’s unwavering commitment to digital innovation and providing relevant payment solutions for Kenyan customers and small business owners. Talk about having your back!

“We’re a digitally-led bank, and we’re thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking solution that offers merchants an innovative and cost-effective way to handle their daily business. With Absa Mobi Tap, businesses can accept contactless payments faster, easier, and more securely, ushering in a cashless society for all. It’s another milestone in our journey to deliver cutting-edge, tailored solutions to our amazing customers,” exclaimed Wasunna.

Now, let’s get technical for a moment. Absa Mobi Tap makes use of Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to ensure smooth communication between your device and your customers’ contactless payment cards. It’s a perfect fit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with mobile operations that previously relied on cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT). We’re talking about ride-hailing drivers, restaurants, salons, hardware shops, and more.

And here’s the icing on the cake: Absa understands the financial challenges faced by many SMEs. That’s why they’re offering an installment plan for merchants to purchase NFC-enabled smartphones. No more breaking the bank to upgrade your tech!

Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Visa Kenya’s Country Manager, was equally thrilled about this partnership. She commended Absa’s dedication to empowering SMEs and expanding access to digital payment options.

“By making it easier for sellers to accept payments and boost their revenue, Mobi Tap will also promote financial inclusivity, giving underbanked or unbanked SMEs greater access to the world of digital payments. Plus, in a country where mobile phones are everywhere, Mobi Tap leverages the technology that’s already in the hands of sellers. Convenience, immediacy, and simplicity are what matters, and this partnership with Absa helps us achieve just that,” shared Eva.

To top it all off, the launch of Absa Mobi Tap aligns perfectly with the recent introduction of a Standard QR Code for service providers and banks. This move aims to enhance digital payment usage in the country, making transactions easier, faster, more convenient, and secure.

So, dear entrepreneurs, get ready to tap into the future of payments with Absa Mobi Tap. Say goodbye to clunky POS machines and hello to a world of seamless transactions. It’s time to empower your business, embrace innovation, and embark on a cashless journey like never before. The possibilities are endless, and the future is brighter than ever!