Posh IT, a prominent provider of integrated business and technology solutions in Kenya, has recently entered into a partnership with PATH, known as “African digital health entrepreneurs.”

The collaboration entails Posh IT receiving a grant aimed at bolstering their capabilities in collectively developing and expanding their digital health solutions. To achieve this, they will utilize a common, open-source platform called the community health toolkit, overseen by Medic.

Posh IT was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs following a comprehensive capacity assessment exercise as part of the Bayer Foundation-funded Digital Health Ecosystem (DHE) project. The project’s objective is to expand digital health tools for community health and explore sustainable business models using the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), a cost-effective and scalable digital solution specifically designed for community health workers and managed by Medic.

This initiative aims to forge strong partnerships with local and national leaders, as well as communities, to address complex health challenges, strengthen healthcare systems, and improve overall outcomes. With the funding received, the award winners aspire to leverage a proven digital foundation for their tools, while also benefiting from organizational strengthening and business planning support.

Posh IT has been entrusted with the task of developing tools that empower healthcare workers to enhance the quality, speed, and accessibility of equitable care in their communities. Presently, Posh IT specializes in providing technology that supports health sector workflows, with a particular emphasis on community health. They also offer support to the Kenyan government and health institutions by enhancing human resource capacity to effectively deploy and utilize digital technologies. In collaboration with Medic, Posh IT will fully integrate with the CHT and serve as a technical partner to assist others in building, integrating, and maintaining applications on the platform. This includes capacity building in app design, development, and site reliability engineering.

Working alongside PATH, Posh IT will devise a comprehensive business plan to provide deployment partners with ongoing technical support, hardware, and maintenance services.

According to Joe Mwangi, the Chief Executive Officer of Posh IT, the partnership between Posh IT and PATH Global exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation and sustainable growth within the African digital health sector.

“Through harnessing our combined expertise, resources, and shared vision, we are fostering an environment where digital health entrepreneurs can thrive and create enduring positive change in community healthcare,” remarked Mwangi. Posh IT further emphasized that this aligns with the government’s goal to digitize health services throughout the continuum of care, where universal health care plays a pivotal role in achieving better health outcomes in line with Vision 2030.