Pesapal, an African online payment facilitator, has hit the jackpot by bagging an official license from the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) as a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Pesapal, a burgeoning African startup dedicated to advancing online payment solutions, has successfully obtained an official license from the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) as a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

By securing this license, Pesapal Rwanda is now equipped to introduce affordable, convenient, and secure digital financial services, significantly enhancing the ease with which Rwandan businesses and customers can send and receive payments.

In Rwanda, a multitude of businesses find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to embracing digital payments, putting the brakes on their growth and throwing a spanner in the works of their competitive edge. However, with Pesapal Rwanda’s impressive array of digital payment solutions, such as mobile money Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), online platforms, and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, businesses will be able to turn the tide. They can now roll in the dough with effortless cash deposits and withdrawals, carry out (insert type) transactions like a well-oiled machine, acquire and issue (insert type) financial instruments with ease, and even make money remittances a piece of cake.

Following the receipt of the license, Leonard Towwet, the Country Manager of Pesapal Rwanda, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing that the fintech company will equip Rwandan businesses with stand-alone POS terminals capable of accepting in-store payments.

“Our online payment gateway allows for seamless integration into business websites, providing support for both mobile money and card transactions,” noted Leonard.

Aligned with the Rwanda Fintech Strategy 2022-2027, the government’s policy objectives encompass prioritizing customer-centric financial inclusion and fostering the development of the financial sector, ultimately positioning Rwanda as a prominent regional financial center.

Agosta Liko, CEO and co-founder of Pesapal Group, expressed unwavering dedication to shaping the digital landscape of Africa and having a clear vision for a groundbreaking journey ahead. With their highly devoted team in place, they eagerly look forward to forging partnerships with Rwandan authorities and customers. Their aim is to introduce customized digital solutions that cater to specific requirements, encompassing features like ticketing, reservations, and comprehensive reporting functionalities.