Government authorities have announced the forthcoming implementation of an advanced monitoring system designed to promptly notify officials of any traffic violations taking place on the roads.

Known as the Intelligent Road Safety Management System, this innovative solution, as stated by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), will effectively track instances of speeding and identify reckless drivers who tamper with speed governing mechanisms.

George Njao, the Director General of the authority, highlighted the system’s integral role in the ongoing digital transformation efforts, emphasizing that it will consolidate all operations of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) across the nation onto a single unified platform.

Njao further explained, “Unlike previous methods, each operator or transport cooperative, such as those in Kikuyu, will possess a dedicated platform within the system. This will enable the comprehensive capture of their pertinent details, including information about assigned drivers.”

Utilizing data sourced from speed limiters, the system will provide real-time updates to both matatu owners and the authority itself, facilitating swift and appropriate action.

To facilitate seamless integration, the system has already incorporated 57 authorized speed governor dealers, enabling the continuous flow of information regarding specific vehicles. The NTSA has expressed its intention to phase out the conventional speed guns, which are often prone to inaccuracies and misuse.

“In essence, the speed limiter will be required to perform three primary functions: restrict speeds beyond 80 km/h, diligently record relevant data, and transmit said data within a five-second timeframe to both the speed limiter vendor and the NTSA servers,” clarified Njao.