Metro Trans Limited, a prominent bus company in Nairobi, with presense in many satellite estates has taken a significant step towards sustainability by introducing five new electric buses to its fleet in partnership with BasiGo, an e-mobility start-up. Metro Trans is known to have better services especially for those of us who’ve used it in one way or another closely following its look-a-like, Super Metro sacco. It’s latest move towards embracing eco-friendly technology was announced on May 11th, 2023, which of course underscores its commitment to providing safe, affordable, and smooth rides to its customers.

The move is expected to signal a faithful commitment to the adoption of electric buses within the public transport sector in the country. It is also a demonstration of Metro Trans Limited’s dedication to sustainable transport solutions. By partnering with Basi Go, the company has found a cost-effective alternative to diesel, which is crucial for reducing carbon emissions and pollution in the city.

The unveiling of the brand new BasiGo 100% electric buses by Metro Trans Limited is a welcome gesture that highlights the growing importance of embracing green technology in today’s world. In a Facebook post, Metro Trans expressed delight and appreciation, rewarding customers with a free ride to Utawala.

The partnership between Metro Trans Limited and Basi Go provides a clean and sustainable alternative to diesel, which is both environmentally friendly and economically feasible for public transport bus owners.The company’s latest move signifies important effots aimed at a more sustainable transportation system, which is a vital step towards combatting climate change and reducing pollution in the city.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) also unveiled four electric vehicles as part of its efforts to transition from gasoline-powered cars to green energy. These vehicles, include two SUVs and two double-cabin pickups, will be used for data collection and policy development. KenGen plans to establish 30 charging stations across the country.