L’Oréal is set to elevate the hair care industry in Kenya by providing education and support to stylists. The brand has announced a new strategic drive aimed at increasing its penetration in the Kenyan hair care market. According to Jean-Christophe Abela, L’Oréal Professional Products Division Manager, the company aims to act as a leader by investing in education and partnerships with reputable stylists in East Africa. This move will enable them to service millions of clients and offer value while realizing more revenues.

The brand is set to provide education and support to entrepreneurs at the heart of the professional beauty industry. The focus will not only be on products but also on business fundamentals. Kenyan consumers are becoming more sophisticated and seeking healthier, diversified looks. L’Oréal aims to help stylists in the country match up to their expectations by professionalizing the industry. The brand is implementing several initiatives, including organizing physical masterclasses, webinars, and in-salon trainings to attract young entrepreneurs.

L’Oréal Professionnel is also accelerating innovation to provide accurate solutions to the main hair concerns in the region. The brand has launched the Scalp Advanced range, which targets nearly half of the Kenyan population affected by scalp deregulations such as itchiness, sensitive scalp, and dandruff. The brand will also support stylists by launching a salon locator to help customers easily locate salons. Locally relevant visuals, partners, as well as local influencers will also form part of the package.

The “Haircare Market in Africa by Product and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2022-2026” report by Technavio highlights that the market is set to observe an incremental growth of $994.06 million between 2021 and 2026. Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are listed among key markets for haircare. Key market segments driving growth of haircare market on the continent include shampoo, conditioner, hair color, and hairstyling products.

L’Oréal Professionnel says high-end stylists offering premium product range and with an online presence will be enlisted in this educational campaign. L’Oréal’s strategic drive will provide stylists with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the growing and sophisticated Kenyan market