The Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) has recently implemented advanced weigh-in-motion bridges along the bustling Busia weighbridge, offering a seamless weighing process. Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) technology allows vehicles to be weighed without the need to halt.

Weigh-In-Motion enables the measurement of vehicle weights and axle loads while they maintain normal speeds. The newly installed WIM devices have been strategically positioned to effortlessly capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles pass over the measurement site.

Trucks that adhere to the prescribed axle load limits will now be able to proceed without having to make any stops.

Both sides of the weighbridge have been equipped with this cutting-edge technology, ensuring that truckers departing for Uganda and those entering from Uganda can equally benefit from this efficient system.

For empty trucks, the system automatically performs the weighing and clears the vehicles, allowing the drivers to proceed without any delays. Wellington Odali, KENHA’s representative at the Busia weighbridge, expressed, “This has significantly alleviated traffic congestion and enhanced the overall functionality of the weighbridge.”

The Busia weighbridge typically handles a substantial volume of approximately 1500 to 200 trucks daily. Mr. Odali highlighted that the authority has implemented measures to enhance compliance with its regulations among truckers throughout East Africa.

Training and awareness programs conducted in collaboration with transportation Saccos have proven to be highly successful.

Weighbridges have been criticized for causing unnecessary traffic disruptions and inconveniencing other road users. The installation of this advanced technology has come at an opportune time, providing respite to motorists who experienced significant traffic congestion in Busia last year.