The Kenyan government has announced a new policy that will see citizens receive their birth and death certificates on the same day of application. The move is aimed at reducing the backlog of pending applications and addressing the long waiting periods that applicants have had to endure. Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary, Julius Bitok, made the announcement during the opening of a new Civil Registration Services office in Meru County.

Bitok stated that the new policy is intended to encourage higher levels of registration and ensure that all cases of death are officially recorded. He noted that unreported cases of death pose a threat to effective succession within families and can also encourage criminal activities such as fraud and impersonation.

To achieve this, the PS directed all registration officers to ensure that applicants receive their documents on the same day they apply. The move is expected to increase the number of birth and death registrations, and consequently, ensure effective succession planning.

Meru residents are encouraged to take advantage of the new offices to obtain their birth certificates, which are mandatory requirements for enrolment in schools and issuance of subsequent identification documents such as Identity Cards and passports. The government plans to open more offices across the country to make it easier for residents to access vital documents.

The new policy is a welcome relief for Kenyans who have had to endure long waits to obtain their birth and death certificates. The move is expected to improve the registration rates and promote effective succession planning, which is crucial for families and the wider society.