Renowned haircare and skincare brand, Garnier, has introduced a charcoal serum acne solution in response to the surging demand for this exceptional product.

The Pure Active AHA-BHA charcoal serum has been meticulously formulated using natural ingredients to effectively combat acne.

Adrien Koskas, the esteemed global president of Garnier, expressed the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices and its dedication to meeting the evolving eco-conscious preferences of Kenyan consumers.

“Our foray into Green Beauty marks a significant shift in our business approach. Through collaborations with our esteemed partners, experts, and valued consumers, we have devised this initiative to underscore our aspirations in this domain, backed by practical and attainable objectives,” emphasized Koskas.

“Our unwavering commitment lies in minimizing our ecological footprint and fostering pioneering innovations that pave the way for a sustainable future. Although it will require time, the Green Beauty endeavor is poised to revolutionize not only Garnier but the cosmetics industry as a whole,” he added.

Garnier distinguishes itself as the sole brand across the African continent that operates natural care product manufacturing centers in Kenya and South Africa, allowing them to tailor their formulations precisely to suit the needs of African consumers.

“Our physical presence enables us to develop products with carefully crafted formulations, specifically catering to the preferences and requirements of our African clientele,” Koskas elucidated.

In a recent move, Garnier launched an enlightening campaign focused on promoting sustainable consumption, providing customers with invaluable insights from experts and practical advice for real-world implementation.

“This new strategic direction marks an exciting milestone in Garnier’s pursuit of our mission to ensure that safer products are accessible to all. By doing so, we aim to exert a considerable influence on the future of beauty and pioneer a healthier world within the industry,” enthused Natalie Njenga, the adept brand manager overseeing Garnier’s operations.

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