The cost of obtaining a higher education in Kenya has escalated with the new administration, presenting financial obstacles for numerous students seeking to further their studies.

Although primary and secondary education are provided free of charge in Kenya, tertiary education remains a luxury that many young individuals cannot afford.

Certain degree programs, such as medicine, can cost as much as Ksh600,000 per year, leaving the majority of students dependent on government loans and scholarships to fulfill their academic ambitions.

Identifying Affordable Degree Courses

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has compiled a comprehensive list of degree programs that require an investment of less than Kshl00,000 annually. These universities serve as beacons of hope, offering affordable tuition rates and opening doors for students from diverse backgrounds to acquire knowledge and skills.

A Wide Range of Cost-Friendly Programs

Kenyan universities offer an extensive array of cost-friendly programs spanning various fields, including business, education, arts, and sciences. This ensures that education remains accessible to all individuals who aspire to pursue their academic goals within Kenya.

Illustrations of Cost-Friendly Courses

For instance, KCA University offers one of the most economical courses, charging only Ksh77,790 per year for their Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education program. Similarly, their Bachelor of Education in Arts program costs Ksh88,540 annually.

At the Management University of Africa, students can pursue the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Management programs at a cost of Ksh86,600 and Ksh78,600 per academic year, respectively.

Lukenya University provides a Bachelor of Commerce program priced at Ksh86,200 per year, with the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development program offered at the same rate. Additionally, the institution offers the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Education in Arts programs, both at a fee of Ksh86,200 per year.

The Islamic University of Kenya offers affordable rates for the Bachelor of Education in Arts and Bachelor of Business and Management programs, charging Ksh96,000 each per academic year.

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology provides the Bachelor of Education in Arts program at a cost of Ksh82,350 per year.

Prominent Institutions with Affordable Courses

Remarkably, esteemed institutions like Kenyatta University and the University of Nairobi also present relatively low-cost courses. Kenyatta University offers affordable programs such as Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Economics and Finance, Bachelor of Education in Physical Education, and Bachelor of Education in Arts (Home Economics). The tuition fees for these programs range from Kshl53,000 to Kshl83,600.

The University of Nairobi offers courses for as low as Kshl60,653 per academic year, including Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) provides cost-friendly programs like the Bachelor of Economics, with students paying Kshl83,600 per academic year.

In Conclusion

Despite the escalating costs of education in Kenya, there are universities and degree programs available that offer affordable tuition rates, providing hope for aspiring students from diverse backgrounds. By offering these cost-friendly programs, these institutions ensure that education remains within reach for those who aspire to pursue their academic goals in Kenya.