New Holland Agriculture’s local distributor in Kenya, CMC Motors Group Limited, has announced a shift in its business strategy. The company will be moving away from the mass-market passenger vehicle segment in Kenya and focusing on agriculture mechanization.

CMC Motors Group Limited has been an established name in the automotive and agricultural sector in East Africa, with a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda for over 75 years. With Kenya’s agriculture sector being the backbone of the East African economy, contributing approximately 33% of Kenya’s GDP, CMC’s change in strategy follows the government’s agenda to transform and rapidly grow the agriculture sector.

The company aims to strengthen its agriculture sector interests in the region and continue selling its agricultural machinery portfolio. New Holland will continue to provide the same products, services, and parts offerings and support its customers through its ongoing partnership with CMC. There will be no change concerning the availability of New Holland’s products in this region.

Mr Özkan Eren, New Holland Business Director, Middle East & Africa, stated that New Holland has built a strong presence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda through its long-term partnership with CMC. The company has been at the forefront of the mechanization process, gaining outstanding leadership. Now, New Holland is ready to meet the current growing demand in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda by investing in technologies and products that match the specific needs of farmers. The company is certain to support its local partner, CMC, on their new business strategy to remobilize their focus on agriculture mechanization.

CMC Motors Group Limited’s shift in business strategy away from mass-market passenger vehicles in Kenya to agriculture mechanization is a move that aligns with the Kenyan government’s plans to rapidly grow the agriculture sector. With New Holland’s ongoing partnership and commitment to providing quality products and services, the companies are poised to meet the current and growing demand for agriculture mechanization in the region.