Bolt, Africa’s leading on-demand mobility platform, has inaugurated a driver engagement center to enhance its driver relations and meet drivers’ expectations when it comes to addressing their concerns. Situated in the Westlands area, the driver engagement center will operate on an appointment basis to ensure seamless and efficient management of driver issues.

The establishment of this engagement center brings forth a wide range of advantages, including enhanced driver support, effective communication channels, training opportunities, community development, issue resolution, driver recognition, and positive brand representation.

“At Bolt, we are dedicated to addressing and resolving the needs of our valued driver partners in an effective and timely manner. The launch of this center is a feather in our cap, showcasing our unwavering dedication to boosting driver welfare and engagement, thereby paving the way for the success and progress of our business and the ride-hailing industry as a whole.

We will keep our noses to the grindstone, working hand in glove with all our key stakeholders, to ensure that we provide pocket-friendly, secure, and hassle-free ride-hailing services in Kenya.Furthermore, we aim to create entrepreneurial opportunities that enable more individuals to earn a sustainable livelihood,” expressed Linda Ndungu, Country Manager, Rides.

In 2022, Bolt unveiled its regional hub in Nairobi, which facilitates the seamless and coordinated operation of its business across the region. The regional hub serves as the base for the company’s top leadership, overseeing operations in Africa. The team is a powerhouse, comprising the Regional Director for Rides across Africa and the Middle East, the Regional Marketing Manager for Africa, the Senior Head of Public Policy for Africa, and the Legal Director for Africa. Together, they bring their A-game to the table, ensuring a well-oiled machine that leaves no stone unturned in driving our business forward.

Bolt remains committed to continuously enhancing the holistic driver experience and providing the necessary support for their success in their businesses. The company continues to listen, analyze, and innovate its services for the benefit of both drivers and passengers.