Avenue Group Limited, a subsidiary of Evercare Group, and Curalie Health Limited, a Kenyan company under Helios Global Health, have jointly announced a new exclusive partnership spanning 12 months. The aim of this collaboration is to lend a helping hand to patients battling chronic diseases, providing them with extended care and support.

This strategic alliance aligns with Avenue Group’s objective of enhancing its telemedicine capabilities and providing digital care to individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. The partnership sets out to open doors, improve patient outcomes, and keep the costs of treatment for these individuals in check.

As part of the integration, Curalie Health’s platform will be seamlessly integrated with Avenue Group’s existing telehealth services. This integration empowers healthcare providers to remotely monitor and manage the health status of chronic disease patients. Furthermore, the platform will offer personalized health education to patients, reminders for monitoring vital data, and behavior change coaching.

Imran Osman, CEO of Avenue Group, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The Avenue Group operates a fully integrated healthcare system with the mission of transforming healthcare in Kenya. This partnership is a major breakthrough that stems from the memorandum of understanding we inked with HELIOS earlier this year. It signifies a significant leap ahead in enhancing access to top-notch care for patients grappling with chronic diseases. We are excited to collaborate with Curalie Health in providing innovative, patient-centric solutions to enhance patient outcomes.”

Omron Blauo, Executive Director Africa at Curalie, commented on the partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with Avenue Healthcare is a remarkable achievement in delivering high-quality digital healthcare to chronic disease patients. By combining Avenue’s physical care with Curalie’s remote digital monitoring, our goal is to optimize patient care by integrating technology and traditional healthcare services.”

Daniela Hommel, CEO of Curalie Health, expressed her delight at partnering with Avenue Group, emphasizing the importance of making digital care accessible to more people in Kenya. She stated, “We recognize that sustainable improvements in healthcare require combining digital healthcare services with traditional forms of care. This partnership fits like a glove with our vision of “Providing care on every doorstep, round the clock and around the globe,” enabling us to bring medical care within arm’s reach of a multitude of individuals. This vision is in line with Avenue Group’s patient-centric approach.”

Enrico Jensch, CEO of Helios Global Health, added, “Through this international collaboration, we aim to set a milestone in building, refining, and individualizing healthcare for patients worldwide.”

Massimiliano Colella, CEO of Evercare Group, emphasized Evercare’s dedication to bringing quality healthcare services closer to patients and communities. He acknowledged the growing importance of technology and telemedicine in achieving this mission. Colella stated, “Through our collaboration with Curalie Health, we are excited to leverage digital health solutions to improve access to care for underserved populations in Kenya. We aim to tackle the mounting public health hurdle of chronic diseases head-on and leave a lasting footprint on the lives of patients.

Avenue Group currently operates three hospitals and thirteen clinics, complemented by various homecare and telehealth services, catering to over 430,000 patients annually. Over the past three years, the Group has sharpened its management team, spruced up facilities, and spread its wings, all while playing a pivotal role in the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, Avenue Group extended its reach with the inauguration of the Boardwalk Clinic in Kenya. Leveraging the resources of the wider Evercare network, Avenue is undertaking a digital transformation journey by investing significantly in digital healthcare services and knowledge transfer systems for clinical professionals.

Jide Olanrewaju, Business Unit Partner at TPG and its Evercare Health Fund, shared his perspective, stating, “The private healthcare sector in Kenya plays a significant role in healthcare outcomes, providing 52% of all healthcare services.