Sony, a renowned consumer electronics brand, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Shake-7. This super high-power Home Audio System boasts an impressive 31,350W PMPO power output, making it the ideal choice for true music lovers who crave high-powered audio and heavy bass. With its remarkable features, the Shake-7 is set to captivate the Kenyan market.

Rajeev Pallippamadam, Chief Representative of Sony Middle East and Africa, Kenya office, emphasized that the introduction of the Shake-7 is a testament to the company's commitment to solidifying its position as the leading global brand in consumer electronics and entertainment in Kenya.

"The Shake-7 is undeniably the most powerful home audio system ever created. As a company, we are determined to demonstrate our dedication to our Kenyan customers by offering homeowners an authentic high-power system that delivers superior sound quality and power, surpassing any other home audio system available in the current market," added Pallippamadam.

Equipped with a four-way speaker system, the Shake-7 produces crystal-clear vocals and a well-balanced sound experience. It incorporates the latest One Touch Listening and Wireless Music Playback technologies, allowing seamless connectivity with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other NFC and Bluetooth enabled devices. In addition to wireless playback, the Shake-7 also supports traditional playback options such as CD, Dual USB input, Radio, Auxiliary Audio input, and Microphone input. The well-lit main unit features a Dual USB input that enables MP3 playback and swift song transfers from various sources to a USB storage device in MP3 format.

This high-power system delivers exceptional sound quality that surpasses all other home audio systems currently available in the market. With built-in DJ Music and Light features, the Shake-7 is equally suitable for formal events or energetic house parties, never failing to impress family and friends alike.

The Shake-7 is now available at all Anisuma Traders outlets and certified Sony dealers throughout the country, ensuring easy access for customers looking to elevate their audio experience.