Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces to announce the launch of an exciting array of Islamic and Ramadan apps on the Windows 8 platform. These innovative apps are now available for download from the Windows Phone Store on Nokia Lumia smartphones, offering a range of features designed specifically for the Islamic and Ramadan seasons. Among the featured apps are Ramadan Kareem, Quran Mojawed, Muslim Prayers, and Essential Duas. This surge in religiously-oriented app development has been observed both in the Nokia Store and the Windows Store, according to Moses Sitati, Head of Developer Engagement, Innovation, and Corporate Relations East Africa at Nokia.

Sitati emphasizes the significance of apps as a means for users to personalize their smartphones and connect with what matters most to them. As religion plays a vital role in many people's lives, the category of religious apps is witnessing a significant increase. Sitati expresses his pleasure in announcing the availability of these innovative applications, which cater to the needs of Muslim consumers during the remaining part of the Ramadan season. Michael Mansour, Developer Platform and Technology Lead at Microsoft Gulf, also reinforces the commitment to enhance the Windows Phone ecosystem by providing Nokia Lumia users with easy access to cherished experiences and Ramadan-specific activities.

Let's take a closer look at some of the latest Islam and Ramadan apps now available on the store:

  1. Ramadan Kareem: This app serves as the perfect companion for Muslims observing the fast. It provides accurate prayer times, countdowns for the next prayer and Iftar, and comprehensive prayer schedules for the entire day. Users can manually select their location or use GPS, and choose from multiple calculation methods. Additionally, the app offers a Mosque locator, Qibla Finder, Quran calculator, free TV and radio streams, a selection of Fatwa and holy readings, and special Ramadan recipes. It also includes a non-Muslim section, which explains the do's and don'ts of Ramadan.

  2. Quran Mojawed: Quran Mojawed offers the complete Quran in Arabic calligraphy, allowing users to listen to recitations from different reciters. The app also provides comprehensive Tajweed guidelines and bookmarking features. Developed by industry veterans ASGATech, Quran Mojawed has established itself as a leader in Islamic apps.

  3. Muslim Prayers: Muslim Prayers stands out with its highly customizable options. Users can "pin to start" any feature, such as prayer times, Qibla direction, or Mosque Locator, directly on their home screen for quick access. The Mosque Locator feature seamlessly integrates with Nokia HERE Drive, enabling users to navigate to nearby mosques with voice-guided directions. The app also utilizes live tiles to display prayer times on the home screen, adding a visually appealing touch.

  4. Essential Duas: Essential Duas offers a comprehensive collection of Islamic supplications (Duas) in a simple and elegant interface, following the philosophy of the Windows Phone design language. The app includes transliterations and translations for each supplication, making it easier for users unfamiliar with the Arabic language to understand and learn the Duas. Furthermore, Essential Duas allows users to share supplications with friends and family via SMS or email.

Nokia Lumia users can conveniently download these apps directly from the Windows Phone Store on their smartphones. Experience the convenience, spiritual guidance, and valuable resources these apps provide during the Islamic and Ramadan seasons.